Practice Event 2015: The New Youth Offer in a Post-Election World

On 8th July we held our annual practice event which centered around how together, we can create a New Youth Offer which will enable young people to reach their full potential...

Telling a different story: Why we should TrustYouth

'TrustYouth' is our new campaign designed to present a different vision of young people’s potential. Watch the two short films we've developed with Media Trust...

21 years, 21 stories

To mark our 21st Birthday, we share 21 stories told by authentic, brave, savvy, maverick and loving people!

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Community Upgrade Challenge: Round 2 applications now open!

We are pleased to announce that Community Upgrade Challenge Round 2 for the North East is now open for applications! The Community Upgrade Challenge will take place across North East England. Young people aged 14-25 can get involved in creating and…

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