Practice Event 2014

Taking Advantaged Thinking Action

Launch of Working Assets 2014

The Foyer Federation teams up with the Automative industry to launch an exciting work experience scheme.

21 Years, 21 Stories

We're celebrating our 21st birthday with a showcase of 21 inspirational stories from our history, and the launch of our 7 Year Strategic Vision.

Pop Up Talent

Pop Up Talent is a modern twist on how and where young people connect with employers.

Healthy Conversations

Our new programme bringing health to life, for young people as part of the Big Lottery-funded health & wellbeing portfolio.

Case study: Coming of age. 18 years, 18 stories

Sarah's story

“Currently I’m studying for my Chartered Accountant Qualification, and I have an unconditional offer to study Accountancy at University College London.”"

When I fled a forced marriage, I was disowned by my family. With no one to turn to I approached my local council. They told me about Foyers and explained that they help young people with work, education and training needs. Education has always been important to me so the idea that I’d be encouraged to study appealed to me.
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Sarah's story

Case study: Coming of age. 18 years, 18 stories

Marvin's story

“Whatever happens in the future though, I plan to continue working with young people.”"

The Foyer struck me as a homely place with a real sense of community. I wanted to be part of it, so I spoke to staff about becoming a resident.
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Marvin's story, performance

Case study: Coming of age. 18 years, 18 stories

Sharon's story

“I’ve gained communication and teamwork skills, plus experience in dealing with suppliers and other external contacts.”"

When I was 16 my adoptive mum told me we were moving to Spain. When we were over there I’d come home from school crying because I couldn’t speak Spanish, so I fell behind in lessons and found it hard to make friends. Eventually I spoke to my sister in the UK about how unhappy I was, so she came over to Spain and brought me back. I stayed with her for a while, but needed something more permanent, so I contacted Connexions who put me in touch with Barking Foyer.
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Sharon's story

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Enterprise graffiti from Harlow Foyer’s Talent Generator project

As part of the Pop Up Talent Programme, Harlow Foyer have completed their first Talent Generator project! The idea behind the Talent Generator is to engage young people in social action projects, which help develop their teamwork, planning and project…

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Practice Event 2014: Taking Advantaged Thinking Action

On the 9th of July the Foyer Federation’s annual Practice Event kicked off at Aston University in Birmingham, bringing together 150 delegates from as far afield as the Netherlands and Australia. The two day event came…

The Chance: Swindon Foyer and BMW partner up

Emma, the Foyer Trainer in Swindon has spent the last few months working alongside SMMT, the Foyer Federation and BMW, to get a Working Assets programme off the ground. Her role has involved arranging work experience…

Freshlife healthy eating programme accepting applicants

Freshlife is five days of interactive workshops that use food as a catalyst to motivate and inspire people who have been at risk of or experienced homelessness. Participants will cook new dishes, tour and dine at…

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