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On Friday 13th June Yeovil Foyer opened their doors for Create Fest ’14. We went along to see what they got up to!

Create Fest was the culmination of Yeovil Foyer’s Working Assets project, part of their involvement in the Open Talent Service Delivery Package (OTSDP). The event was designed to showcase the skills and talents of the young people and give visitors an insight into what it’s like to live in supported housing. It was organised hosted and led by Yeovil Foyer residents, whose enthusiasm and commitment really showed on the day.

Workshops on offer included knitting, sewing fabric flowers, face painting, clay modelling, nail painting and more. Music was a big part of the event – residents provided introductory drum lessons, and guests took part in drum circles provided by therapeutic percussion tutors Organic Rhythm. The day also saw Leanne receive her MyPad Tenant Accreditation Award, the first of Yeovil Foyer’s residents to do so.

Create Fest montage

Part of the event’s purpose was to challenge and change the sometimes negative public perceptions held about homeless young people, and break down barriers between the Foyer and the local community. Will, a resident of the Yeovil Foyer and member of the Create Fest organising committee, had this to say:

The best thing about the event was the response of the general public, they said it was welcoming and warming. Also the fact they asked if we do this every year was a compliment to all the hard work and commitment everyone had put in. I feel proud and privileged to have been part of the team.

The Foyer Federation were really happy to see Advantaged Thinking playing such a big role – the residents were really clued up about the importance of seeing young people in terms of opportunities and assets, rather than problems and challenges. Check out Katie’s thoughts on Advantaged Thinking here.

Yeovil Foyer is run and managed by Knightstone, as part of the Somerset-wide Pathways to Independence Service (P2i). The P2i service offers support for homeless and vulnerable young people aged between 16 and 24. The service offers family mediation, housing advice, emergency accommodation and supported housing.

Find them at Yeovil Trinity Foyer, Peter Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1PN or for more information call Mandy on 01935 404989 or email amanda.jarvis@knightstone.co.uk


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