Our quality assurance scheme encourages services to aspire to excellence and inspire confidence in their ability to deliver.

FOR Youth is a quality assurance framework that demonstrates that your service invests in young people’s assets, trust and potential, setting you apart from those that are part of a more deficit-based response to surviving and coping. This framework is both a development tool for services to evaluate and strengthen Advantaged Thinking practice and a quality assurance system that can be a powerful resource for demonstrating impact and value to stakeholders.

FOR Youth has three modules that services can use to test and reinforce their ‘Foyerness’:

F ocus on Advantaged Thinking

O pportunities on offer

R esults and demonstrating impact


Foyers were set up to provide young people with 3 promises:

  1. a safe, balanced community of 16-25 year olds in transition
  2. an integrated offer that covered housing, education, employment and personal development skills
  3. a relationship that tailored a ‘something-for-something’ deal between the young person, service and locality, on which the offer of accommodation depended.


The FOR Youth quality assurance model includes three phases. Throughout the programme, services are supported using a set-up workshop, an online platform and email, phone and video calls.


  1. Complete an ‘Advantaged Thinking’ audit with your staff team and young people
  2. Initial assessment of the service


  1. Full Commitment Assessment
  2. SWOT
  3. Quality Development Plan (QDP)
  4. Final assessment and 2-day validation visit


  1. Collect data that provides evidence that the service is delivering an Advantaged Thinking impact
  2. Continuing in-person and remote coaching to support continuation of your QDP
  3. Participate in training activities that are relevant to their offer




Full single service costs are £3000 (one-off) then continue as a FOR Youth member for £2,400 (annually) – incorporates basic membership fee. See further details below:

  1. A one-off £3,000 per service for 12 months engagement. This covers access to materials and tools, the set up workshop, online space and conferencing, 12 months 1:1 support, an assessment and validation visit, final validation report and quality development plan, the first accreditation panel, endorsement and certification (including plaque). [Options are available to complete the process in 18 months or 2 years in order like to spread the costs across years.]
  2. After achieving endorsement we want to continue the quality development journey with you and therefore for £2,400 per service each year (includes basic membership fee) you will be part of the FOR Youth membership. This charge includes all the benefits of our basic member offer but also covers data processing, on-going accreditation support, visits to support you with your quality development, access to local, regional and national benchmarking data and annual re-certification. We are also developing new tools and products that will be available for no additional cost specifically for our FOR Youth members.

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Interested in becoming accredited through FOR Youth? Join our next cohort! 

The countdown has begun to join the next cohort of Foyers taking part in FOR Youth – the accreditation that isn’t just a one-off stamp of assurance but instead a journey of self-reflection and quality development with young people and your staff team.

Take a look at our guide to FOR Youth which includes testimonials from Foyers that have already taken part as well as FAQs if you’re not sure whether it’s the right time or how much work it’ll involve.