Timpson, the multinational retailer specialising in shoe repairs, key cutting and engraving is offering young people in our network the opportunity to partake in a two-week work experience programme.

Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

– Print a copy of the Timpson promotional flyer (DOWNLOAD HERE)

– Identify residents in your service who are ready for this type of opportunity

– Email Alieu@foyer.net with name and age of the resident and the name and location of the Foyer

What happens after? 

– We will check if there is a local Timpson store that can offer work experience

– We will endeavor to match a young person to a store close by to cut down on any costs i.e. travel and food.

Find out more below or contact Alieu Fofanah, Head of Partnerships, for more information at alieu@foyer.net.