Following on from successful Working Assets projects from 2012, the Foyer Federation and SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) are once again working together to develop the skills of young people for potential employment in the automotive sector.

The Foyer Federation’s Working Assets model focuses participants on spotting and developing skills, assets and talents for the world of work.

SMMT members BMW, Covpress, Ford, Toyota and Unipart have each joined forces with their local Foyers to develop bespoke projects with a focus on developing the employability of young people and the skills required for thriving adulthood.

The young people involved will gain hands-on experience in activities such as production experience, plant visits, social action projects, branding challenges and environmental sustainability projects. Wrapped around these experiences are opportunities for personal development such as mentoring and coaching, training schemes, courses leading to recognised qualifications, financial investment in individuals’ talents, and work-readiness conversation groups.

The project aims to improve the employability of young people, promote the employment opportunities within the automotive industry and potentially equip them with qualifications to support their future careers.

The Working Assets approach involves:

  •  Engaging young people and the local community through an inspiring project which the     young people themselves shape and deliver.
  •  Using the project to build on skills, resources and opportunities both for young people   and the services supporting them.
  •  Challenging negative approaches to working with young people who have faced barriers, through a positive emphasis on developing ability and potential rather than focusing on deficits and what they can’t do.
  • Recognising and celebrating achievements of young people and identifying future opportunities.

To follow the progress of the various projects, please see this blog.