We believe that, whether latent or blatant, everybody has talent. Yet too many young people don’t have access to the right opportunities to explore their talents for work, or explore their options.

Spotting, developing and promoting young people’s talents for work

Pop Up Talent was all about creating a different conversation between young people and the world of work. We did this by popping up where young people are, creating dialogue and interaction with working people and offering a variety of skills development opportunities that play to different talents and interests.

The Foyer Federation had secured significant funding from the Big Lottery Fund to pilot this innovation project until March 2015. Pop Up Talent took place in South Wales, Birmingham and London.


Elements of Pop Up Talent

o   Pop Up Talent Shops are fun, informal, relaxed events that pop up where young people are and invite them to try hands on work tasters, ask questions, get honest answers and investigate their options.

o   The Talent Generator gives a team of young people guidance, support and £2,500 to design and run a social action project that develops their skills for work and makes a difference in the community.

o   Talent Bonds are small pots of funding available to individuals. Young people can apply for a Talent Bond to help develop and promote their talents for work, e.g. to pay for equipment or work tools, course or tuition fees, business materials or stock, work clothes or travel.

o   Leadership for Employability develops young people’s leadership qualities and puts them to good use in your community. After five days training alongside other aspiring leaders, individuals are linked up with a community group, to build a team and develop the leadership skills in others and create a project in your area.

o   Organisational Development Programme harnesses young people’s valuable insight and input, matching them in a consulting capacity with an organisation keen to improve how they work with young people. This is a longer term project (6 months)  with outcomes to develop how an organisation connects with young people, either as customers, clients or employees.

o   The Talent Network connects young people to relevant opportunities that develop their ability to find work or make their own work. Options range from funding for individuals, leadership development, learning, training and volunteering.

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