It’s been 3 years since the start of the Open Talent Service Development Package (OTSDP), and now seems a good time to take a look back. We’ve got loads of fantastic stories illustrating the programme’s impact, and it’s time we shared them with you!

The Open Talent programme began back in 2011 – we partnered with the Monument Trust to develop an initiative geared towards unlocking young people’s assets and talents, and playing towards their strengths.

What motivated this approach? Open Talent is based on the ethos of Advantaged Thinking. The idea behind to the programme is to break away from services which focus on deficits and support, and move towards a model that invests in young people, Watch Colin Falconer’s 2012 Open Talent presentation at TedX.

To mark the end of the programme, we’ve collected some of the best stories from across the Foyer Network. These Open Talent stories span the spectrum of the programme’s impact – from Talent Bonds, to Working Assets, to service delivery. We’ll be sharing them over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

In this interview, Doncaster Foyer Manager Karen Venables talks about the wide ranging impact of Open Talent on her service.

These case studies from Morecambe Foyer illustrate how a investing in a young person’s talent can help catalyse changes in their life.

Calderdale Foyer’s Open Talent journey saw residents grow empowered, and staff change their attitudes towards service delivery.

As part of Open Talent, Morecambe Foyer ran a ‘Business in a box’ initiative, in partnership with Heartstone charity and the local Council.