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MyNav is an online platform bringing together new media technology and informal learning opportunities to deliver a personalised package of support. Inspired by the concepts of satellite navigation and future mapping, MyNav helps young people to navigate their journey to independent adulthood through the power of informal learning and new media technology. MyNav provides a practical and digital framework to help young people map out their lives and shape the best possible route towards a thriving future.

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“It works for me because it focuses on my individual needs and is delivered on my terms rather than forcing me into a classroom to do something I’m not interested in.”


Ian | resident at Scarborough Foyer

How MyNav works

The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) who brought together two platforms to develop MyNav. The first platform is called Moodle, and is the area where most learning activity and opportunities are located. Here users pool resources in spaces that are open to only a select number of people or to the entire user cohort. The second platform is called Mahara, which is the more reflective area of MyNav, where users develop their online profile to share interests, ambitions and talents and keep track of the journey they are on. Foyers are able to administer their own sections of MyNav, and young people from those Foyers can enroll as users and create their own learning content.


When MyNav forms part of any Foyer Federation project activity, participants are offered 1-2 training sessions, with ongoing virtual support thereafter, provided by the Foyer Federation. At MyNav workshops attendees are registered as MyNav users, receive a demonstration, explore how MyNav can support Foyer activity, identify particular MyNav tools that will be of particular use, practice using these tools and begin developing their MyNav portfolio. If a ULCC consultant is present there is in-depth training to enable users to generate their own content.

MyNav and Foyers

MyNav has highlighted the identity of Foyers as ‘centres of navigation’ in the transition to adulthood. This reflects what Foyers currently try to do within the limits of local resources, and what the most innovative Foyers aspire to achieve through new sources of funding. It also belies the common misconception in recent policy that investment in schools and families is sufficient to address the needs of all young people, without offering more significant support for those who exist outside the mainstream; those without family support, secure housing or those who have missed out on completing their education.

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The MyNav resident ambassadors and staff are getting involved – a lot of people use computers here, so they are naturally interested in what it has to offer.

Carl Halton | YMCA Foyer Ambassador


We have used the blog feature for ‘A week in the life of a Foyer Manager’ to help young people learn more about what we do as staff. MyNav can also help to engage young people as peer learning mentors by enabling them to easily share experiences to support each other.

Sharon | Staff member at Redruth Foyer


To see MyNav rolled out across the whole Foyer and the entire Foyer Network. The vision of communicating with other Foyers and residents of one Foyer communicating with those of another Foyer is very exciting.

Rich | Staff member at Weston Foyer

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