Intrepid Explorers is a programme run by the Foyer Federation, with funding from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

2014-05-28 13.37.28 I need to tell my story, so I can tell it to myself. 


Sammy Carlton | Intrepid Explorer  | Braintree Foyer

The premise is simple – young people need to be the authors of their own stories and essentially their futures; rather than characters in someone else’s.

To ensure this happens, we equip Foyer residents from across the UK with the skills to be able to capture, organise, design and tell a new ‘Advantaged Thinking’ story about young people; a story that challenges perceptions and shatters stereotypes.

We are portrayed as lazy, good for nothing scroungers – but we’re not actually like that, we do actually go out – we want to go out and do stuff! 


Kayleigh Seckington | Intrepid Explorer  | Newhaven Foyer 

IE's 3

Following intensive and practical training the participants become ‘roving reporters’ gathering stories from across the Foyer network and ensuring their voices and experiences are front and centre.

I’m an Intrepid Explorer because I want to make a better future for young minds and Foyers around the world.      


Morgan Brigden | Intrepid Explorer  | Havant Foyer 

birmingham foyer-174


To find out more about our Intrepid Explorers and what they’ve been up to, check out this Storify and the audio slideshow below.

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