Bringing Health to Life

‘Life is not merely being alive, but being well.’’ Marcus Valerius Martialis

 Following the success of our previous Foyer Health project (2007-2010), the Big Lottery invited the Foyer Federation to bid to continue our work, in May 2013 we were awarded £3.6 million to begin a new 2 year programme entitled Healthy Conversations – and create a different conversation about health with young people.

Now in year two of the programme, we have 76 services across the UK involved, with hundreds of young people and Foyer staff reaping the benefits.

Healthy Conversations aims to provide young people with the understanding, opportunities and networks to improve the health and well-being of themselves, their peers and their communities.

We are working alongside ‘Youth at Risk’ and the ‘Mental Health Foundation’ to ensure we are putting young peoples’ voices right at the centre of the conversations about health.

How does it work?

Healthy Conversations aims to transform the health and well-being offer for young pehc2ople through:

  1. Coaching a Healthy Conversation – through informal and formal conversations, young people are empowered to realise and meet their health aspirations by creating health goals and making personal health action plans.
  2. Developing a network to support and sustain positive health and well-being through Healthy Conversation groups and extending their health footprint by connecting to the right health groups and services.
  3. Taking the conversation further – young people have the opportunity to experience activities and services through ‘Health Taster Days’ and are able to take health messages beyond their service and into their local community.

OutcoBath Taster Day (Residential)mes of Healthy Conversations:

  1. Young people will have the understanding and resilience to take responsibility for preventative mental health approaches, physical activity choices and healthier eating habits.
  2. Young people will feel connected to a ‘healthy opportunities network’ that can encourage and sustain their preventative mental health approaches, increased activity levels and improved eating habits.
  3. Young people can get involved in purposeful activity to achieve greater social interaction and health equality in their lives through the design, development and delivery of local community health action projects.

Get Involved:

Could you integrate Healthy Conversations into your organisation? Perhaps you have a health opportunity for young people on the programme? If you have any ideas or would like to find out more about what you could do to get involved, please get in touch with the team: Chloe Morton: Kate Hitchcock:

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