Singing at the connectyourself workingassets event at BridgeFoyer

Funded by the Department for Education, the Connect Yourself programme aims to enable young people to connect themselves to opportunities that identify, develop and promote their talents and achieve their future goals.

Based on the Open Talent framework, it brings together the positive approaches and programmes of Foyer Federation, Youth at Risk and Changemakers to work with young people and their communities to build a network of opportunities for young people to connect with.

The programme is shaped by young people’s individual choices. They have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Intensive Transformational Training
    designed to impact on and transform the way in which young people understand and make choices from what they can see is possible in their lives.
  • Working Assets Projects
    designed to improve young people’s employability outcomes by developing their skills, assets and talents for the world of work through youth led community based projects.
  • Leadership Development Programme
    This is a year-long programme of training, coaching, peer support and real world leadership experiences for young people, helping them become more aware of and better able to harness their leadership potential.
  • One-to-one coaching
    All young people involved in the programmes above will be matched with a trained life coach who will work with them to identify, develop and promote their talents and achieve their goals.

Some of the Working Assets projects have been;

  • Stone Court Day Room, in Torbay was refurbishment in the style of DIY SOS
  • Plymouth Foyer refurbished their café area and launched it as The Getaway
  • Driftwood Enterprise was set up in Bideford. They made and sold Christmas trees made from locally collected driftwood
  • Dragon’s Den Event in Sunderland brought young people face to face pitching project ideas to panel members from Sunderland Echo, Sunderland Association Football Club Foundation and Sunderland City Council
  • Sustainable Strawberries group was set up in Plymouth to build a greenhouse made out of recycled bottles
  • Verve Place Foyer in Warrington made a short film to improve their reputation amongst the community
  • Bridge Foyer in Chester held a Winter Wonderland Event with reindeers, craft stalls, an ice rink, a giant Father Christmas and live music
  • Bridge Foyer continued to develop their event management skills by holding a Jubilee Street party. They are now better connected and respected in their neighbourhood
  • Coops Foyer and Brecon Close in Wigan ran an animation project and created cartoons based on their own personal journeys

This programme is currently running in Sunderland, Merseyside, Plymouth and Islington between 2011-2013.