Power Up – The voice of Foyer residents

Calling all Foyer residents – fed up with not having any power to make changes? It’s time to POWER UP.

As part of the Listening Fund we are delivering a two-year programme to develop a national youth advisory team called Power Up. We are looking for Foyer residents to become part of our national Power Up team; to listen, debate & consider solutions on issues that affect young people across the country. So…

Foyer residents
Are you passionate about issues affecting young people?
Do you feel young people’s opinions aren’t heard?
Can you be a listening ear, share ideas and speak out on the behalf of others?
Power Up needs you – apply today

Foyer staff
Which Foyer residents spring to mind as good listeners and solution providers?
Who would you nominate and support to be the listening ear and voice of Foyer residents?
Power Up needs these Foyer residents – support young people to apply today


Deadline for applications 16/07/18. Download the Power Up power-up-application.

Please download our Power Up poster and put it up in your Foyer.

For more information or if you are interested in being part of the Power Up team or if you want to nominate a Foyer resident for the Power Up team contact John