Corporate Connections brings businesses and young people together to build a dynamic working environment that makes success achievable for everyone.

It’s a two-year project focused in the South East that connects local companies with nearby Foyers and the talented, driven and dedicated young people that live there.

Its twin goals are to enable young people to recognise their skills and talents, and to provide them with access to quality training and employment opportunities. 

The programme looks to identify the barriers to access, both for young people entering employment and businesses looking to attract this dynamic, diverse workforce, and overcome them through introductions, placements and a long-term, sustainable process. A major focus of Corporate Connections will be developing lasting relationships between Foyers and businesses so that the benefits for both can continue into the future.

The programme begins with work-readiness training sessions to prepare young people for the realities of the day-to-day world of work, as well as free Working Assets training delivered to Foyer staff. We will then host an exciting Innovation Day event, where young people and business people will come together to share problems and innovate solutions. We’ll then look to implement some of these solutions during the final part of the programme, during which we will match young people to the work placements, shadowing days and mentoring opportunities offered by our corporate partners.

Due to our funder’s geographical remit, the programme is available to a select number of Foyers in the South East region only. However, we will be taking the learnings from year one to create a sustainable model for forming meaningful relationships between Foyers and local businesses to ensure our entire network benefits.