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Team PowerUp is a group of dedicated, passionate and experienced group of young people who want to make a difference to the Foyer network and beyond. And they’ve had a great year!

The group have been recruited from across the Foyer network to strategically influence and shape the work of The Foyer Federation.

Over three days in August, Team PowerUp spent time finding out what young people want from their Foyers and what an ideal Foyer looks like to them. We explored key issues identified by the young people themselves, with the two main themes emerging as mental health and housing management.

We then held two further focus groups the following day to specifically discuss these two themes. Young people believe that there is a need for more staff training on mental health, as well as a need for an asset-based approach. They also noted that staff should be trained to empower young people to manage their own mental health crises.

Regarding housing management, young people spoke out about wanting more of a say in their Foyer rules. While they expressed an understanding as to why the rules exist, they believe they should be able to make justified changes to rules that they think doesn’t reflect the fact that Foyers are their homes.

Apart from going on the residential trip over the summer, Team PowerUp also developed toolkits for Foyers and Foyer staff towards the end of the year.

We look forward to working closely with Team PowerUp in 2019!

Find out more about the PowerUp programme here


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