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Talent Bonds are paying off! We have a couple of great Open Talent stories from Morecambe Foyer, where two residents have used their Talent Bonds to follow their passion for photography.

Nathan and James both applied for Talent Bonds – photography was an area they were both keen to explore, and Open Talent helped them do this.

When I first came into the Foyer I was very nervous as I was in a new environment and everything was different.


I was so happy that I could apply for a Talent Bond and get a camera to help me do what I love – which is taking pictures.


The camera I got was a Nikon D3100 DSLR. It is such a good camera and I have taken some really good pictures. I would really like to take this further to maybe a career, and also a course in further photography at college.


James  | Resident, Morecambe Foyer

Their stories also illustrate the spill-over impact of Open Talent – bulding skills in particular areas also has other positive effects, and can be the catalyst for a young person to take positive action in their lives

I got a Talent Bond to improve my photography skills for a backup career. It was also a hobby which was good because it helped me learn new skills…I would try harder taking photos out in the open, and found it really calming and relaxing. It was a positive way to let out all my negative emotions.
Open Talent has helped me stop drinking and spend my time on more productive things like taking pictures. I am going to university to study a foundation degree in policing, and I hope to become a police officer.


Nathan  | Resident, Morecambe Foyer

Nathan plans to use his skills & talents to give something back to the Foyer in the future:

I hope to return all the favours by coming back to the Foyer one day and giving talks on my experience…in the meantime I’m gong to be a mentor to all the other residents.


Nathan  | Resident, Morecambe Foyer


Two of James’ photographs.




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