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The Spark Awards ceremony will celebrate The Foyer Federations 26th anniversary and appreciate the often un-sung contributions of the Foyers, their staff and their young people. They also transcend stereotypes, challenge unconscious bias and promotes social mobility that inspires the confidence in the ‘advantage’ of all young people regardless of background.

And there’s only one week left for you to cast your nominations!

Over the last year, you have all worked tirelessly to provide a positive induction into adulthood for young people who cannot live at home. Through personal development training and a focus on assets rather than disadvantages, together the network has provided young people with access to housing, learning and employment opportunities. The Spark Awards is the time to celebrate this achievement.

Our CEO, Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, said: “The Foyer Awards gives all of you in our network a chance to not only celebrate your achievements and innovations, but also reflect on your hard work. I encourage staff and residents across all our Foyers to take the time to think about the different award categories and recognise areas where you have excelled. The award nomination process will give you a chance to pick up on successes that you might have otherwise overlooked. This is your chance to think back on what has been done, what can be done better, but most of all, what was done great – and why it was so great.” 

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Check out our list of the award categories
  2. Fill in the Spark Awards nomination form
  3. Secure your place at the Spark Awards 2018 by buying your tickets now
  4. Need some inspiration? Find out what our 2017 winners have to say about how the Awards impacted them

There is no limit to how many nominations you enter, so make sure you include all the people and projects in your Foyer that deserve celebrating. The deadline for nominations is 24 August 2018 and our shortlist will be released on 6 September.



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