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We are delighted to announce that the Foyer Federation is finalising a proposal to create a strategic partnership with Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), the national membership body for social-good businesses.

By combining our knowledge and experience within youth supported housing with SEUK’s nationwide infrastructure, policy, and research-driven approach, we will enhance our ability to develop and deliver innovative programmes, as well as creating exciting new opportunities for our members.

The need for safe and secure housing and support for young people developing their skills and talents is greater than ever, and this dynamic partnership will work to better the experiences of the young people living in supported housing in the UK. Given the reduction of funding, our partnership will bring the resource needed to build the capacity of our members, amplify the impact of Foyers and invest in sustainable approaches for young people and Foyers to thrive.

Our people are central to our proposal, and creating a strategic partnership provides new ways for staff to collaborate to improve services and further enhance our team.

The Foyer Federation’s board and Director of Network, Joel Lewis, will be working alongside the SEUK team to shape our proposals with a view to growing our offer to members. You can find more information about SEUK and their wide-ranging offer on their website at socialenterprise.org.uk.


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