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What else builds anticipation like the sound of your burger sizzling on the grill? The drive and ambition of the young people working hard to make it happen.

At YMCA Derbyshire, a group of young people are taking existing resources and £250 investment from our Hear Me Out! fund and serving up the taste of success to the local community with a burger van business.

Watch their fantastic application video here:

The group, brought together by an idea from Daniel Storer, will use the money to stock up on the equipment they need to turn an existing burger van into a profitable business. Dan said, “The burger van has been in the Foyer longer than me. We were talking about the funding during a Foyer session and the idea for the van just sprung up. We started planning in detail and I applied for the funding.”

Daniel Storer, part of the team behind YMCA Derbyshire’s burger van

Plans are already underway to make sure the van is a success in the community. Dan, who is studying catering, told us the next step is to decide on the menu. “We’ve been discussing things like menus, where we’ll put the van, what the prices will be, and the name. We did a questionnaire and sent it out to people who come to our regular community meals. They asked for things like burgers, wraps and chips. Some even wanted delivery, which is a new opportunity.”

The burger van will need young people with lots of different skills to take on jobs like taking orders, promoting the van, designing logos and menus, and social media management. Dan has his eye on the chef’s apron: “Cooking the food is what I’m looking forward to most. I did catering in college, and even now I’m doing an online catering course. Catering has always been my life. In future I’d like to open my own restaurant.”

The burger van team and their special deliveries!

Follow YMCA Derbyshire’s project here, and stay tuned for where you can find it to try out a burger and chips!

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