The Foyer Awards happen each year to celebrate success from across the Foyer network.

Awards 2017 overview

Over a three course dinner, young people, staff and Foyers were recognised across 10 award categories. With over 100 delegates in attendance, there was a vibrant atmosphere and each winner was announced to thunderous applause, recognising the hard work and dedication each put into supporting young people.

The Foyer Federation’s CEO Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa said, “The Awards shone a spotlight on successes that might otherwise be overlooked. They were the perfect platform to showcase Foyer talent and the abundance of young and staff talent was phenomenal. There was a tremendous buzz in the room, with both the anticipation of who was going to win and the feel good factor when the winner was announced.

Thank you for nominating a person or a Foyer for an Award at the 2017 Foyer Awards night.

Nominations are not yet open for 2018.

For your reference here is the 2017 guidance and criteria summary.

Overview of the process

One award will be presented in each of the following categories. Please read the details of the award you wish to nominate for, before completing the form, to check what information to include.  

The link to the form is here – it is the same form for all awards, simply specify which award you are nominating for.


Inspiration Award

Do you work with a young person who has been on their own inspirational journey? No matter how big or small? Have they overcome adversity? Made a big step towards adulthood? We want to hear about it and celebrate this achievement!

To nominate a Young Person we need:

  • Their name, Foyer name and Key Worker contact
  • Their story – information about their journey
  • The impact it has had on the Young Person

A current or former resident can be nominated for this award.

Unsung Hero Award (Young Person)

We want to hear about young people in your service who make such a positive contribution to life in your Foyer but don’t necessarily shout about it. Which young people go the extra mile for staff or their peers? Who has a positive impact on the Foyer and a role model to others? To nominate a young person for this award we need the following:

  • Name of Young person, Foyer and Key Worker contact
  • How and why they are an unsung hero
  • What impact they have on staff and peers

This award can be nominated by staff OR a fellow resident.

Resident Rep of the Year

Is your Resident rep (or equivalent at your Foyer) doing a fantastic job representing their fellow residents? We want to celebrate that. To nominate a young person for this award, please tell us the following:

  • How long they have been living at the Foyer, and how long they have been a resident rep
  • Some information about the role of resident rep at your Foyer
  • How they make sure that residents’ voices are heard and their views are represented

This award can be nominated by a staff member OR a fellow resident.

Positive Move-On Award

Do you have young people who have had successful move on from your Foyer? Is this young person a role model to other young people in your Foyer?

To nominate we would like to know:

  • Why this was such a positive move-on
  • What the young person is doing now
  • Who else was involved in making it a positive move on (staff, peers, other organisations)
  • What key steps were taken during this move-on process



Unsung Hero award

This award is designed to celebrate those people who work at your Foyer who contribute to providing a great service for young people but may sometimes go unnoticed, or their hard work is under-celebrated. This is the time to celebrate them. It may be a member of the reception team who always offers a warm welcome to residents, or someone on the cleaning team who greets everyone with a smile, or even a committed volunteer who goes over and above to support the Foyer residents.

When nominating for this award, please include:

  • A summary of the unsung hero’s role and how long they have been at your Foyer or a connected Foyer
  • Why you believe they deserve this award, with examples of how they go the extra mile for young people

This award can be nominated by either a fellow staff member OR a young person.

Foyer Legend Award

Is there a member of staff who has worked tirelessly for a decade or more in your Foyer? This award will shine a spotlight on the dedication and expertise of these staff who have remained committed to the Foyer through the years and rolled with the punches, leading on new and creative services for young people.

To be eligible for this award, the nominee must have been a staff member at your Foyer or a connected Foyer for 10 years or more. In your nomination please include:

  • The name and role of your Foyer Legend, and when they started working at the Foyer
  • What roles have they held during their time there?
  • Why are they a Legend at your Foyer? Please give examples of how they have helped the Foyer develop, change with the times and continually champion young people

This award can be nominated by either a fellow staff member OR a young person.

Foyer Staff Member Award – Young People’s Choice

This award is designed to give young people the chance to thank and celebrate a staff member (e.g. a key worker, coach, or similar role at your Foyer) who has offered them particular support and solidarity while they have been living at the Foyer.

In the nomination, please include a summary of what difference this person has made to your life, how long you have been a resident of the Foyer, and specific things they have helped you with.

This award must be nominated by a young person.



Best Partnership Award

Has your Foyer created a partnership with an external organisation or provider which has led to particularly positive outcomes for young people? This award will highlight innovative partnerships and celebrate collaboration.

When nominating for this award, please include the following details:

  • Your Foyer name and the name of the partner involved
  • How long the partnership has been running
  • What activities take place or what is offered to young people
  • The outcomes of the partnership

Places & Spaces Award

Have you recently built a new building, renovated a part of your Foyer, created a garden or an outdoor area which you are particularly proud of? This award will go to the place or space which has been most innovatively created or designed for the residents at your Foyer to use (and possibly for other members of the wider community too). When nominating your Foyer for this award, please include:

  • When the place or space was created/renovated
  • If it was a renovation, what it was before
  • How it is used by your residents, and if also used by the wider community

Please note, for this award we require a photo.

Foyer of the Year

The Foyer of the Year award will go to the Foyer who can best demonstrate how their overall service takes a deeply Advantaged Thinking Approach to their work with young people.

To be nominated for this award, the Foyer must:

  • Be a member of the Foyer Federation network for 2017/18
  • Provide concrete examples of asset-based practice
  • Describe its offer and ‘something-for-something deal’ to residents
  • Provide examples of its focus on learning and work
  • Show commitment to the principles of a balanced community


Entries should be submitted through the Foyer Federation Awards 2017 online submission form. Please ensure you read the information on the last page of the Google Form regarding permissions and consent for name/image use.


  • Make sure your entry is sufficiently detailed and not too vague!
  • Be sure to include supporting information that clearly links to the award.
  • Make sure to complete every section of the form.



Is there a limit to how many entries I can submit?

You can submit entries in each category, and as a person nominating, you can nominate more than one nominee for each award. There is no limit.

Can I submit any additional information (photos/videos) separate to the Google Form?

All the information we need to accept a nomination can be submitted on the Google Form

What is the deadline for nominations?

The awards are open for entries from 7th July 2017 to midnight on 20th August 2017.

When will shortlisted nominees be announced?

Shortlisted nominees will be notified on 25th August 2017.

When will awards be given?

The awards will be presented at the Foyer Federation’s Inaugural Awards Night, at Conference Aston, Birmingham on 27th September 2017 (the evening before the 2017 Practice Event on 28th September).

What will winners receive?

More information on prizes will be released nearer the time, however winners of the Young People’s awards will receive a talent bond, and staff winners will receive a free place on training.