Donate & Invest

Young people: assets worth our investment!

Investment in young people means more than simply giving. We believe investment is an essential part in any young person's journey to thriving adulthood. Yours could make a real difference to young people ready to achieve their idea of a sustainable livelihood. These are some examples of what your investment can achieve.

The Foyer Federation exists to ensure young people who can’t live at home get the same investment as other young people. Our aim is to ensure every young person can thrive, not just cope or survive. Across the Foyer network, approximately 10,000 young people aged 16-25 are reached each year. Foyers provide accommodation, personal development and employability support in a nurturing and safe environment.

Our role as the Foyer Federation is to innovate, champion service reform and ensure the Foyer network can deliver the best quality offer to young people. A donation in our work will ensure we can continue to build the capacity of our network, the staff and the programmes delivered. Thank you for your interest in us and please do consider making your investment!