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Over the last 25 years, the Foyer Federation network has worked tirelessly to provide a positive induction into adulthood for young people in need of housing support. Through personal development training and a focus on assets rather than disadvantages, together we have provided thousands of young people with access to housing, learning and employment opportunities.

Now it’s time to celebrate that.

That’s why this year we’re hosting the Inaugural Foyer Awards on 27 September, marking the 25th anniversary of the Foyer Federation and shining a spotlight on the dedication across the network. Alongside dinner, young people, staff and Foyers will be recognised through awards such as the Unsung Hero Award, the Positive Move On Award, the Young People’s Choice Award, the Foyer of the Year Award, and many others.

The Foyer Awards gives all of you in our network a chance to not only celebrate your achievements, but also reflect on your hard work. We encourage staff and residents across all our Foyers to take a few minutes to think about the different award categories and recognise areas where you have excelled. The award nomination process will give you all a chance to pick up on successes that you might have otherwise overlooked during the busyness of the year. This is your chance to think back on what has been done, what can be done better, but most of all, what was done great – and why it was so great.

There are staff who have made a tremendous impact on residents in their Foyers, and the Foyer Awards will be a grand celebration of these people. The Awards will also be a platform for the stories of determination and resilience that have been displayed by residents. While we know how great you all are, the Foyer Awards will be the springboard to get these stories out to the wider world. Not to mention, if you win, you’ll be taking home a nice, shiny trophy!

A full list of the award categories and details on how to cast your nominations are available here, but feel free to get in touch with our Development Manager, Karin Joseph, with any questions you may have (karin@foyer.net). The deadline for nominations is midnight on 20 August and we will be releasing the shortlist on 25 August.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!


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