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As part of Healthy Conversations Exeter Foyer residents teamed up with Fotonow Media to design and produce a film, called ‘Food with the Foyer’, to show creative ways of eating healthily while on a budget.

The launch event included a viewing of the film, cooking demonstrations from residents and stalls from local farms. Keen to offer residents an outlet to carry on cooking, Harry from River Cottage’s Chefs’ School team set up a stall to offer young people the opportunity to learn cookery at River Cottage HQ.

Sharon Hayes, a support officer at Exeter Foyer, said:

“We started this project not knowing who would turn up, who would engage even though it was their idea. However even we were surprised by the commitment and enthusiasm these young people have shown to get this project out to the public.


The young people are keen to let people know ‘We’re not all bad’. This is a comment made by one of the young people making the DVD.

Daniela Bennett, a resident at Exeter Foyer, has been working on the project since its conception. She said:

I’ve learnt how to cook different meals and not worry as much about the cost. As a producer I did think outside the box and feel proud of it all coming together. I’ve learnt new skills and have been excited to be part of the project.

The residents will be continuing their culinary journey with a trip to Park Farm in January. They’ll be invited to take a tour around the 100 acre farm, meet the pigs, sheep and poultry, visit the famous kitchen garden, and have a look at the state-of-the-art kitchen.

Read the full story on the River Cottage website, and the Exeter Express and Echo.
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