Changemakers’ programmes support both young people to lead, and organisations to harness young people’s leadership potential. As part of the Foyer Federation, this work can reach even further, and provide positive outcomes for even more beneficiaries.

For more details on the projects and initiatives associated with Changemakers, please visit our current projects pages.

Supporting young people to lead

The Changemakers mission is to unlock the leadership potential of young people. Developing their skills, confidence and values enables them to understand that there are many ways to lead and that they each have the potential to make a difference.

The vision of Changemakers’ core programme for young people, ‘The Changemakers Experience’, is to provide a life changing and inspiring leadership experience to a diverse group of young people aged 16 – 25. This innovative approach empowers and equips young people to make a positive change in themselves and the world around them, creating a movement of future leaders who we call changemakers.

The experience equips young people with:

  1. A set of principles upon which they make their decisions (VALUES);
  2. A desire to bring about positive change in the world around them based on their values (INTENTIONS);
  3. The toolkit they need to be leaders, such as confidence, resilience and communication (SKILLS).

Young people who become changemakers become part of the Changemakers movement, a network of people who want to lead positive change in the world around them based on their values.

Supporting organisations to harness young people’s leadership potential

In addition to developing young people, the Changemaker programme helps organisations that want to harness young people’s leadership potential or develop the across way they work with young people. We help them understand the value of young people, change their culture and attitudes towards young people, and create opportunities for young people to lead.

This ranges from support from Changemakers’ staff to design or deliver programmes for young users of the organisation’s services; to young person led projects where a changemaker spends time based in an organisation leading a project that helps the organisation to more effectively engage with young people.

The Changemakers programme also support large-scale projects focused on adopting a youth-led approach. This has ranged from young people leading the day to day decision making in a youth hub; to young people supporting a number of GP surgeries a geographical area to think about how they become more appealing to young people.