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At a time when youth unemployment is on the increase, how can Foyers create opportunities for young people to develop skills that are relevant in a workplace that might not exist for them at the moment? How can they motivate them, raise their aspirations, whilst at the same time stay real about the possibilities that are out there just now?

For the past couple of years, the Foyer Federation has been developing its Working Assets programme to try and do just that. Working Assets provides a group of young people with an opportunity (and a little bit of cash) to work together to come up with a project or activity that taps into their skills, talents and interests and makes a contribution to their local community. It might be selling something they’ve made to raise money for a good cause, running an event in the community or creating a new service or product for their Foyer. But the Working Assets does more than that. By working with staff in Foyer, using our Open Talent coaching approach, young people identify, record and celebrate the skills they gain as they develop and deliver the project and understand how they might be transferred to the world of work. The planning, teamwork, negotiation, interpersonal skills that are required to create a community garden, run a fundraising event, build and sell bird boxes at the local market.

Working Assets allows young people to make new relationships, develop skills and create new possibilities. It’s a way of Opening Talent in young people.

Original content by Jane Slowey
October 1, 2012



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