The Foyer Federation works with over 100 services across the UK, of which 85 are traditional Foyer members.

Our most recent Big Lottery programmes demonstrated that we and our network have a reach of over 10,000 young people, over 5300 of which live in Foyers.

The Foyer Federation is able to bring together a network of Advantaged Thinking Foyers and practitioners through its valuable membership service. Find out more about our offer here:

The Foyer Federation membership offer


  • Regional Network Meetings
    These quarterly meetings take place in five regions across England. They provide an opportunity for practitioners to come together to share best practice, access training opportunities and stay up to date with the Foyer Federation’s 7 year strategic vision.

Network meetings are a great way to keep the network strong and maintain a strong Foyer identity within our region. This is a great way to share new ideas and learn best practice from fellow Foyers – Manager of member Foyer.

  • Practice Event
    The Foyer Federation’s annual practice event brings together practitioners and young people from across the UK to share best practice and stay up to date on our 7 year strategic vision. Our members receive preferential rates and the opportunity to contribute to the day.

The Foyer Federation’s 7 year strategic vision

  • Reclaiming the Foyer Offer
    The cuts local authorities have been making to Supporting People and other Housing Related Support funds over the last few years are already seriously compromising Foyer delivery. Lengths of stay are being drastically reduced so that, as soon as a young person’s immediate housing crisis is stabilised, Foyers are expected to move them on as quickly as possible. Learning and employability work is being squeezed out and, in some cases; Foyers are at risk of being turned back into the homeless hostels they were designed to replace. Foyers were not designed to be a ‘safety net’ service, but rather a springboard for young people to lead a thriving adulthood.  This is why the main focus of our work will be to reclaim the Foyer’s radical edge by piloting and rolling out the remodelled Foyer offer that delivers outcomes for young people and is much less reliant on public funding.  Members have the chance to contribute to the shaping of this offer as well as to pilot aspects in their Foyers.
  • Telling a different story
    We are currently talking to both the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills about the role Foyers could play in delivering the government’s welfare reform and skills agenda, particularly when the proposed Youth Obligation is introduced. By doing this, we are making the case for young people in Foyers to be able to retain their eligibility for housing benefit, thereby protecting the rental income stream Foyers rely on and positioning housing benefit as an investment in a young person as they transition to independent adulthood.
    – We champion the work of member Foyers through the use of campaigns, social media and case studies.
    – We campaign on behalf of, and raising the profile of, member Foyers among key stakeholders including MPs, commissioners and the housing sector.
  • Advantaged Thinking Movement (TrustYouth)
    The Foyer Federation has brought together a group of TrustYouth pioneers from across the youth sector to champion Advantaged Thinking practice. Members have the opportunity to join this group and will have privileged access to the outcomes produced by the group.

Quality Assurance

  • Accreditation
    There is an expectation that all of our members are accredited and around two thirds of our members currently have the Foyer Status Mark. As part of the development of the reclaimed Foyer offer, we are introducing a new Quality Assurance framework. As such we are currently in transition, those Foyers not currently accredited are either working towards Foyer Status Mark or are waiting to pilot the new accreditation system. Find out more here.


  • Access to unique opportunities 
    As a national organisation, the Foyer Federation is able to broker opportunities with partners for both young people and staff in the Foyer network. Recent opportunities have included participation in an NHS conference, a food redistribution scheme and coaching training.
  • Funding development
    Our fundraising at national level over recent years has focused on strengthening the Foyer offer in areas such as health and wellbeing and employability in order to help members diversify their funding base. Healthy Conversations was explicitly about building Foyers’ capacity to tap into new opportunities for public health funding. We expect to make further significant bids in the coming 12 months for programmes to benefit members.
  • Voting rights for appointing elected Board members
    Members are able to vote for Board members from the network.
  • Over 20 years’ of Foyer expertise
    The Foyer Federation was established in 1992, alongside the first five Foyers. Since then, we have developed a range of initiatives and programmes to support the development of Foyers, staff and young people.

Why join the Foyer Federation?
Fiona, a Foyer resident, has told us:

I believe that my Foyer’s involvement with the Foyer Federation is crucial in helping young people within the service to fulfill their dreams and gain valid skills towards career choices and future independence. I truly believe that if my Foyer continues to work with the Foyer Federation the service that you can provide to young people will be better and you and the service users will have a higher success rate in moving on into employment and ultimately fulfilling their dreams.

Membership list
You can find a list of our members here

The fee for membership of the Foyer Federation in 2017/18 will remain at £1,400 per Foyer. Over the course of 2017, we plan to consult on differential prices for 2018/19 membership and will keep members informed.

Every member began their journey with us by having just one conversation – call us today on 0207 430 2212.