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“We need a bolder charity sector which claims the right to have an opinion”

In a recent piece for the Guardian Voluntary network, Chief Executive of Only Connect Danny Kruger argues that by simply raising money to meet need, charities are in a collusive relationship with the problems they want to fight. Danny gives a nod to Advantaged Thinking, our movement championing assets-based approaches to young people:

The asset-based approach – or what Colin Falconer at the Foyer Federation calls “advantaged thinking” in contrast to the language of disadvantage – feels to me like sunlight and fresh air breaking into a dark dank cellar. It has the potential to transform the relationship that professionals and volunteers have with their clients, who can turn from a beneficiary into an agent: a piece of narrative re-scripting that, the desistence gurus say, is crucial to the decision to stop negative behaviour and make a new start.

Great to see the idea is gaining traction – here’s to more Advantaged Thinking!

Read the full article here.


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